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Veterinary Fiberscopes:

    VFS 1.7 x 30 cm & VFS 1.7 x 60 cm

The very small diameter 1.7 mm (.066") of this flexible scope allows this to be used for upper respiratory examination in small or large animals. The precision, focusable optics are able to view remote areas in animals.

VFS 1.7 x 30 cm Veterinary Fiberscopes
Standard Components:
  • Flexible shaft: 1.7 mm (.066") diameter
  • Depth of field: 5 mm to 50 mm
  • Field of view: 50 degrees
  • Eyepiece: diopter adjustable and photo capable
  • Light post: ACMI style
  • Shaft lengths: 30 cm (12") and 60 cm (24")
  • 150-watt illuminator
  • Portable 12 Volt light source
  • Universal style fiberoptic light guide to fit other illuminators
  • "C" mount video adapter
  • 35 mm/still digital camera adapter
  • CCD cameras and monitors
This scope is shipped complete with portable battery handle illuminator and a custom foam lined carry case.
Veterinary Scope - Horses Veterinary Scope - small animals 4 way articulation