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The IVS (Industrial Video Scope) represents the latest in high resolution full color video technology. The IVS 10-4X20 flexible scope is designed to IVS 10-4x20 Industrial Scopevisually inspect remote or inaccessible locations. The ability to deflect the end of the fiberscope greatly enhances inspection capabilities, which allows the user to direct the instrument around bends and corners to view more inaccessible areas.

This fiberscope is used in the automotive industry to view areas that would otherwise require disassembling such as, engines and transmissions and used by industrial engineers for inspection of pipes for damage, debris or weld penetration verification.

This scope has interchangeable objective lenses for optional fields of view and depth of views, which allows the user to locate defects, breakage and debris easier and the shaft is constructed to be watertight so that it is able to be fully immersed in fluids

Shaft Outside Diameter: Inside Bend Radius: Shaft Length-Flexible: Articulation: Focus Range: Field of View: Video Monitor: Fiberoptic Illuminator: Video Output: CCD Imager:
.394 in.
(10 mm)
5 in.
(127 mm)
20 ft.
(6 M)
4-way 90°
(all direction
detent locking
Adjustable .200 in.
to infinity
(5 mm to infinity)
50° STD
(4 mm - f10 lens)
13 in. Color
with built in VCR
150 watt standard Video and "S" Video 1/4 in.
410,000 Pixels
10 Lux

IVS 10-vX20 Scope IVS 10-vX20 Scope 4 way articulation