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FSM 10-2 x 36 in. Fiberscope

This Fiberscope provides the Mold Inspection Professional access to flexible fiberoptic technology for viewing within walls or remote areas not visible to the eye without damaging the structure for access. The scope features a 36in. long semi-flexible probe with 2-way articulation, a 2mm working channel for retrieval of mold samples, portable Illuminator and custom fitted foam carry case.

VFS 8-4 x 135 Vet Scope
Standard Components:
  • Articulation: 2-way (180 degrees up/120 degrees down)
  • Semi-Flexible(stay-put) shaft: 10mm diameter x 36 inches long
  • Working channel: 2mm diameter
  • Depth of field: 10mm to 100mm
  • Field of view: 50 Degrees
  • Eyepiece: focusable and photo capable
  • Portable Illuminator: 3 watts uses "C" cell batteries
  • Grasping forceps
  • Sampling Brush
  • 150 watt Illuminator
  • Flexible fiberoptic Cable for connecting the Scope to the 150 watt illuminator
  • "C" mount video adapter
  • 35mm/still digital camera adapter
  • CCD cameras and monitors

mold Mold 4 way articulation